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Division of Finance and Administration

New Student Survey Data

The New Student Survey is administered each fall to incoming frosh and transfer students from mid-October to just before Thanksgiving. The focus of this survey is on student educational plans, transition to UC Merced, and use of campus services. Questions about their choice of UC Merced are also included. Institutional Research and Decision Support partners closely with the division of Student Affairs for this survey.

If you are a student who is interested in taking the survey, please visit the New Student Survey Landing Page.

Survey Instrument

Survey Dashboard

2018 Dashboard

Survey Data

2019 New Student Survey Data

2019 All Respondents

2019 Frosh Respondents

2019 Transfer Respondents

2018 New Student Survey Data

2018 All Respondents

2018 Frosh Respondents

2018 Transfer Student Respondents

2018 New Student Survey Data

2017 All Respondents

2017 Frosh Respondents

2017 Transfer Student Respondents

New Student Survey Data

Longitudinal Data

Survey Results Presentations

Survey Analysis Results