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Our Mission

We are a team of analysts with a wide array of responsibilities whose mission is to help the University thrive in the face of change. Our team focuses on empowering decision makers at all levels with long term, systemic solutions and believes that how we approach our work, with curiosity and rigor, is our hallmark for success.

Our Services

Center of Institutional Effectiveness Services

Our team loves challenging problems and helping others conquer them. As integrators and stewards of campus information, we participate in analyzing everything from long range planning to the day-to-day management of our business systems.

Our Services

Institutional Research & Decision Support
What We Do IRDS provides analysis to assist with campus planning efforts and decision-making that advance the educational mission and effectiveness of the institution.
Business Architecture & Analytics
Stewards of the Institution's Network of Processes, We Empower People to Deliver Better Service Through Integrated Process and Technology.
System Analysis & Support
Stewards of the Finance & Administrative Central Business Systems, We Bridge the Gap Between Operations and Technology for Holistic Support.
Initiative Collaborations