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Division of Finance and Administration

Analytics Hub

Analytics Hub is a central place to explore UC Merced through data visualizations, statistics, and reporting. The flagship of the Analytics Hub is the collection of Student, Faculty & Staff, and Institutional web-based interactive visualizations. Use the Table of Contents or scroll down to find your topic of interest and click a visualization to begin exploring! To login to the Tableau Server, navigate to either of the Tableau Server links in the main or side menus.

Table of Contents

Student Statistics

Undergraduate Applicatns, Admits, and Enrollments

Degrees Awarded

Undergraduate Retention and Graduation


Undergraduate Enrollments

Overall Enrollments Totals

Undergraduate Geographic Origins


Graduate Enrollments

Graduate Retention and Graduation


Fall Undergraduate Enrollment Dynamic Visualization

Total Undergraduate Degrees Awarded - Dynamic Visualizations


Faculty & Staff Statistics

Faculty & Staff Statistics Interactive Data


Institutional Research Reports


Pass/No Pass Grading in the Spring 2020 Semester



Student Academic Characteristics Associated with 4-Year Graduation

2019 Fiat Lux Outcomes

Major Changing Patterns of UC Merced Students


Background and Destinations of High Unit Levers

One Year Retention by California Region of Origin

Academic Standing at UC Merced


An Examination of Subject to Dismissal Status at UC Merced

An Examination of Academic Probation Status at UC Merced

Second Year Retention Rates of 2016 Fiat Lux Students


Where do High Achieving Students go after leaving UC Merced?

Fast Facts About Students who leave UC Merced without a degree



2017 Undergraduate Alumni Journey Survey: Associations Among Self-Reported Undergraduate Student Engagement and Alumni Outcomes

First Year Retention Rates of 2017 Fiat Lux Students



Athletics and Student Success