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Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Undergraduate Alumni Journey Survey

The Undergraduate Alumni Journey Survey was first administered in summer 2017. The survey instrument was collaboratively developed by staff and faculty in assessment (School and Student Affairs assessment staff), IRDS, the Office of Undergraduate Education, Alumni Relations, the Center for Career and Professional Advancement, Undergraduate Council, OPRAAS, and others. The survey is administered electronically during the summer from May to August, and alumni are contacted at up to two email addresses on record. The survey sample includes UC Merced graduates who are 1, 3, and 5 years post-graduation. So for example, in 2017 this included alumni who graduated during the academic years of 2011-12 (5 years post-graduation), 2013-14 (3 years post-graduation), and 2015-16 (1 year post-graduation). Key survey content includes: (a) current contact information and how alumni prefer to receive news about UCM; (b) current employment and other education pursued, including how well UCM prepared alumni; (c) engagement in volunteer and outreach activities; and (d) interest in being engaged with the campus as an alum. More information can also be found on the Alumni Relations survey page.

Survey Instrument

Survey Data


2020 Undergraduate Alumni Journey Survey Dashboard


2018 Undergraduate Alumni Survey Data
2018 Alumni 1 Year Post-Graduation
2018 Alumni 3 Years Post Graduation
2018 Alumni 5 Years Post-Graduation


2017 Undergraduate Alumni Survey Data
2017 Alumni 1 Year Post-Graduation
2017 Alumni 3 Years Post Graduation
2017 Alumni 5 Years Post-Graduation